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Murderer's Creek - Upper Parcel

Easement #: 989237  –   Updated: November 01, 2016

Easement Summary

NCED Site 989237 (Murderer's Creek - Upper Parcel)

Easement Holder

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Primary Contact

NCED Manager
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National Conservation Easement Database

NCED Record
Security: Withheld from Public
Site Name: Murderer's Creek - Upper Parcel See term definition
Easement Holder: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation See term definition
Easement Holder Type: Non-Governmental Organization See term definition
Landowner Type: Private See term definition
Co-Held: No
Conservation Purpose: Environmental System See term definition
Public Access: Closed See term definition
Duration: Permanent See term definition
Term: --
Month of Establishment: 0
Day of Establishment: 0 See term definition
Year of Establishment: 1997
State: Oregon
Reported Area: 40.0 acres
GIS Area: 0.0 acres
Data Provider: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Data Aggregator: Ducks Unlimited

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